How Has Blogging Changed the Voice of Women?

Published February 3, 2012

In this video Michael Stelzner interviews Lisa Stone, CEO and co-founder of BlogHer, the leading cross-platform media network created by, for and with women social media leaders.

Lisa tells the story of BlogHer, the fifth largest blog network.  She also shares insights and tips for successful blogs and current trends for women bloggers.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this video:

  • How blogging changes the voice of women
  • Why blogging is the perfect tool for women
  • Why you should find a community when you start blogging
  • How to build your blog community
  • What the popular topics are for women bloggers
  • How to manage an online community
  • How to set up your blog to drive revenue
  • Examples of blog-to-book stories

See the video by selecting the link:


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